Invest in your home!       - Company Message
               Still think you can't afford to your home?
Whether you're looking to make a major renovation to your home or you've accumulated a list of small repair projects, Fieldgate can help! 
Our experienced team is committed to handling residential/ commercial projects, whether small or large, with dedication and an eye to quality. We believe in giving our customers the best value possible. So, although you'll get top-notch materials and workmanship, you'll find that our prices are extremely competitive. We are the Family owned and operated company offering you First in Service and Family values!  Don't just take our word on this - we urge you to talk to our repeat customers and compare our prices.
Fieldgate Remodeling is registered with the City of San Antonio and surrounding areas specializing in New home construction, , Structual Remodeling and Historic Renovations !
              We're proud of our work...
                    That's why we guarantee it!
  Our wide range of services include but are not limited to:
  • New Home Residential Building
  • All types and levels of Deck and Patio construction
  • All Roofing 
  • Room and extensions
  • Tile projects include indoor, outdoor, flooring, walls and more!
  • Kitchen/ bathroom renovations, improved living and remodeling
  • Structural Remodeling
  • Many styles of Residential/ Commercial Privacy Fencing
  • Shed Building
  • Framing
  • Painting
  • Wallpapering
  • All Types of Flooring: Tile, Hardwood, stain, laminate and masonary
  • Home Improvement & Repair
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Concrete
  • , level work and stabilzing
  • Historic Renovations
  • Masonary Renovations
       Everything starts with a FREE estimate and consultation! NEVER a risk or obligation!
What about Down Payments?
   You should never expect to pay anyone 50% or even close to half of the project cost up front...this is a Red Flag!
At Fieldgate Remodeling, we offer you the satisfaction to know we'll offer you payment options broken into the project's phases, provide a turn-key option and always require your involvement in each step of the project's progress! 
Call us today to 210-853-7010 for your FREE estimate!
A "turnkey" in this instance  means we'll purchase the rough-in materials, assume responsibility to pull permits,  certifications and project plans as necessary to get everything we need as fast as we need it to complete the project if you so desire.
                     "Thank you in advance for your consideration"
You're  encouraged to browse our Gallery! 
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